Boiler replacement?

To condense or not to condense – that is a question.

Well simply put if the old one works – don’t change – the savings are marginal.

Others may disagree but I suggest:-

  1. keep the old boiler clean (it’s a vacuum cleaner job) ,
  2. make sure your radiator thermostat valves are working well,
  3. balance the rads from top to bottom – top floor rad control vales should be stopped down with ground floor one fully open (unless you want to keep a room cooler or its rad runs hot)
  4. have an inhibitor in the system (flush it if you have cold spots),
  5. no air in radiators,
  6. set the boiler to heat the hot water to just above 60 degrees
  7. Then, if you feel the need have a plumber give it the once over.

Have a read of this article – says it all:-


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