Solar PV companies, just double glazing rebadged?

You could be forgiven for thinking that you have met these guys before.  It does seem that many, well at least the few I saw, do fall into the double-glazing salesman category. Their knowledge was  questionable. Even with the company I chose the individual got the survey wrong and made mistakes on the calculation. When I called to discuss the quote he had already left company. Treat any quote for the potential energy produced and savings to be made with care. Would the figures still work at 75% and 50% of the predicted energy generated? The scaffolders didn’t know we had a conservatory even though the PV supplier rep had taken pictures of the house. Finally they initially fitted the wrong converter. If you want to see if the installation is financially viable it has been suggested you might ask a rent a roof supplier to provide a quote. If they think it is a good bet, it probably is for you as well.

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