Show us the money?

This weekend we got our first payment of just under £650 for the first 5 months of energy generation. At the same time the Energy Savings Trust have suggested we will only save 25% on our bills not the 50% previously estimated. This, it would seem they base on an annual bill of £280 or about 76p/day? Seems rather low to me on the lowest of current tariff this averages at 7.6kWh/ day. This suggests an average household consumption of 320w / hour. I think many households use much more closer to 500w / hour and this would crank up to 12kWh / day and 4380 kWh / year. Even based on 25% (no change of consumption habits) this would bring savings of £130 and if it was closer to 50% nearer £250.00 based on 12p /kWh, pre the latest 18% rise.

Pay your money – make your choice.

Have a look at the calculator on


 The Energy Saving Trust has been widely reported in the media on its position with regards to solar PV.

‘We are very supportive of solar PV as a technology and see it as having massive potential in reducing household carbon emissions and helping householders make substantial savings on their electricity bills. As an example, a typical domestic solar electricity system, with an installation size of 2.7 kWp could earn around:

  • £990 per year from the Generation Tariff
  • £40 per year from the Export Tariff
  • £70 per year reduction in current electricity bills. As electricity prices rise, so will the savings.

This gives a total saving of around £1,100 per year.’

We wont really know how much we will save until see the end of summer electricity bill. But so much is about change of habit, use the power you generate during the day, during the day!      


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