Hello and welcome to this site.

I started this blog to share some observations and a little bit of knowledge of renewable energy.

A few other bits and pieces have come along and I’ve added them, they just might help you along your way.

Keep banging the rocks together and let me know what you have done to get stuff to work.

2 Responses to Home

  1. Anthony Helm says:

    Just seen your site – interesting, thanks.
    LED lighting should be on your list of things to try, especially for lights that are needed to be on for long periods but not maximum intensity, eg hallways.
    On solar PV I dont think that the industry is really on top of its game in helping the consumer use the power generated. Smart technology should be available to actually switch appliances on and off depending on what ithe sun is generating on the panels.

  2. Peter Block says:

    Anthony, thanks for your contribution. Agree about the lights. Also agree over the clever use of the energy. Smart devices / domestic goods have been spoken about for longer than I care to remember. A friend is trying out a device to switch on the immersion heater if the PV is generating. It ain’t so clever as it takes no account of other domestic systems. What is really needed is a system that detects spare feed in capacity at the supplier meter and switches on those devices that need occasional boost, such as the fridge. Can’t see it working on the washing machine. Peter

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